Seven Super Powers


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What Would Einstein Do?




Student Worksheets




Teaching Tips

  • Students learn the “Calling Captain Disposition” song and sing it regularly

  • Print the Captain Disposition posters and display in all classrooms

  • Use classroom smart boards as billboards to ‘advertise’ the dispositions

  • Promote ‘Disposition of the Week’ across the school community (school newsletter, assembly item etc)

  • Hold a school ‘flash mob’ when Captain Disposition himself will visit the school

  • English – Students look for the 7 dispositions in storybook/movie characters (rubric)

  • History – Students look for the 7 dispositions in historical characters (rubric)

  • Class teachers frequently model the dispositions by ‘thinking out loud’ and making their thinking attitudes ‘visible’ to their students

  • Assess dispositions by giving students written feedback using the rubrics

  • Get students to self-assess their “seven superpowers for learning” using rubrics

  • Select students to receive merit awards for displaying the dispositions