Crunches Cards


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Teaching Tips

  • CCT Crunches work best when used as a pack of activity cards that students play with for 5 to 10 minutes each day. Print as A6 (postcard size) and keep each set in a clear plastic snap-lock bag. Make the set of cards easily accessible to students.

  • At first, students should work with one of the Crunches for a whole week (to get good at it). Once all the Crunches have been mastered then they can select a different one each day.

  • Remember to allocate 5 to 10 minutes of every school day for CCT Crunches. The research overwhelmingly supports the theory that daily thinking activities (such as those found in CCT Crunches) will boost creativity levels and improve critical thinking skills over time.

  • Get students into the habit of playing CCT Crunches during morning ‘crunch and sip’ times – or add one to weekly homework tasks. When stuck in the classroom on rainy days encourage students to play CCT Crunches instead of watching a movie.

  • To promote further awareness of the benefits of doing CCT Crunches daily teach the class how to sing the song “It’s Crunch Time!”.